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D29 XTF 2017-05-12 19:15:58

when I owned D29XTF, I was 23 years old.
I bought it from a private buyer in reading.
Driving it home that night, I felt like the king of the hill.
She purred along the M4 like a tiger.
It already had a full Janspeed exhaust fitted and a K&N filter, which gave the sweetest tone everytime I started it up in the mornings.
.Everytime I opened the curtain and looked at it outside, I knew the day I had ahead of me would be a special day, even though the day had just started.
It was even more of a rush everytime I drove it.
The compliments I used to get on a daily basis, including pensioners stopping on the street to admire my car sitting in traffic.
Don,t ask me why I sold this Capri because I cannot answer, but I regrettably bought a BMW convertible. Even though it was beautiful, I knew straight away that I had made a huge mistake selling my Capri, but the new owner who came with his son, had also fallen in love with the car from when he clapped eyes on it.He said that they were looking for one of these for months and months and spend over 1hr outside looking at my car, and if it was like the other rubbish he had seen, they wouldn,t have knocked my door.
A couple of months after selling it, I called the new owner who said his son would often bring his friends around to show the car to them.
I have never owned another vehicle that was so reliable as D29XTF.
In the 6 years I owned it, It never missed a heartbeat, and, apart from the usual wear and tear things, the only problem I encountered was replacing the car battery.
When I found out she was still alive and in the same condition as when I owned it, you could never imagine how this bought joy into my life.
I was at a BBQ last week and showed my nephew and nieces the car and they remembered the car clearly.Even though some of them were as small as 3 years old.
I currently own a lovely Audi A5 with 20 inch rims.
However, D29XTF, has always and will always be my favourite car.
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D11 SLE 2017-05-17 15:32:47

tailgating and flashing everyone to get out of his way.
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D5 CAR 2017-05-15 09:50:11

Terrible driver, cut me up on a roundabout and almost killed me. Drives some shitty Audi thinking he's all that, fucking piss take. This guys needs to be arrested
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D18 GJW 2017-05-11 11:43:28

cut me up. threw abuse at me and gave me the finger (literally)
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D13 EGE 2017-05-10 01:10:51

Absolute cunt! Overtakes on blind corners, drives aggressively and should never have passed his test. Almost killed me and my family! Get this idiot off the road!!!!!
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