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GJ62 EJV 2017-04-24 19:01:44

Nothing majorly scandalous but tried to quickly overtake a bus stopping at a bus stop with me in the second lane which was a fun experience - I thought they might do it though so kept my eyes peeled and avoided the smash, lovely car though.
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GJ66 DHP 2017-04-20 00:52:42

Excessive speeding in a 20 Zone near Bredhurst school
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GJ15 OLR 2017-04-10 18:11:18

A-Line Taxi 212

In the video
Close overtake
I point to camera
Taxi goes into road rage
I overtake and shout your on camera you c**t
He accelerates into left lane stopping me from moving over
He then begins to tailgate me (watch me check my mirrors)
At traffic lights I tell him he's going to be reported
He's still mouthing off
Then he jumps the red light to continue with his rage.

Big thank you to Ashfield District Council Taxi Licensing Team who have reviewed said footage and gave the following reply

"The overtake was not just unacceptable but in light of the location of the traffic island extremely dangerous.

The driving through the red light itself was an offence, and the language was completely out of order. This driver is expected to represent a professional trade, and has been licensed by us to be a safe, responsible carrier of fare paying passengers.

The likelihood is that the evidence that you provided will form part of a report to review this drivers suitability to continue to hold a licence."

And to add - Ashfield District Council will continue to investigate and question the driver then put their findings to a sub-committee to make the final decision.

In all likely hood I believe Ashfield District Council will make the right decision and if that means revoking his taxi licence that'll be good for fare paying passengers but sadly will not prevent this muppet from holding a driving licence without further training but it's worthwhile to note that Ashfield District Council are pro-active in ensuring., where possible, taxi drivers are responsible for their actions.

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GJ66 DHP 2017-04-22 00:25:52

Looks like you're doing 16 mate and being overtaken?
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GJ66 DHP 2017-04-20 22:39:32

Where is the speedo?
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