Registration plate MM03UGG
Official local mnemonic: Manchester and Merseyside
Postal area: Manchester
Issued: between march 2003 and august 2003
Blue Mg Zr, manufactured in 2003, first registered on 11 July 2003. Cylinder capacity: 1396cc, CO2 emissions: 164 g/km.
As of 20 March 2015 this vehicle had done 99,939 miles. Current estimated odometer reading: 106,200 miles.

MOT history

Test dateExpiry dateResultOdometer reading
2015-03-202016-03-19 Pass99,939
  • Nearside Front Tyre worn close to the legal limit (4.1.E.1)
2015-03-17- Fail99,939
  • Nearside Front Tyre worn close to the legal limit (4.1.E.1)
2014-03-132015-03-15 Pass97,704
2013-03-162014-03-15 Pass92,584
  • offside front tyre has slight cracking to sidewall
  • offside front cv boot slightly deteriorated
2012-03-092013-03-10 Pass84,916
  • Exhaust has a minor leak of exhaust gases (7.1.2)
  • Nearside Rear Tyre worn close to the legal limit (4.1.E.1)
  • Offside Rear Tyre worn close to the legal limit (4.1.E.1)
  • brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened (3.5.1i)
  • tail pipe broken
  • o/s/f tyre sidewall splitting and has a nail in tread
2011-03-11- Fail78,265
  • Exhaust has part of the system slightly deteriorated (7.1.1a)
2011-03-112012-03-10 Pass78,265
  • Exhaust has part of the system slightly deteriorated (7.1.1a)
2009-06-022010-06-05 Pass70,310
2009-06-01- Fail70,310
2008-05-272009-06-05 Pass57,138
2007-06-05- Fail37,445
2007-06-052008-06-05 Pass37,445
2006-06-062007-06-05 Pass20,399
2006-06-06- Fail20,399

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  • Number 4 in the worst drivers ranking in November 2015


MM03 UGG 2015-12-07 19:31:09

He took his foot of the brake as he passed the lights..therefore one (with intelligence) would assume he wanted to accelerate (after the lights)
I don't know and have never heard of anyone taking their foot of the brake when trying desperately to avoid an accident.
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MM03 UGG 2015-12-07 12:58:13

The guy did not have a mechanical problem.

1. He was decelerating as the crash was not severe, there would have been smoke, air bag deployment and debris everywhere I'd he hit that fence at the speed he turned the corner.
2. He was forcing his way thorough and had a foot on the brake to maintain a modicum of control in his speeding frenzy
3. No one was rushing to his aid, therefore all the drivers that witnessed the collision believed he was a speeding arsehole
4. The passenger just got out and was not thanking anyone or running around to check on the child or driver, therefore was obviously not impressed with the driver at all
5. If the drivers brakes had failed, he could wouldn't have turned the car at speed - he would have tried to go straight ahead.
6. If he had been driving that fast and the brakes had failed - he shouldn't have been speeding in the first place - would have won a Darwin Award in my opinion.
7. Looked like a chav prick in a chav prick car
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MM03 UGG 2015-12-07 16:09:49

Yes that was my original consensus although some disagreed. Especially as the biker who posted the video and was actually there and titled it :-
"Knob Crashes His Car with Toddler on Board" . RightSaidFred was of the opinion that the driver was at fault.
As for the possibility of brake failure as suggested, even if it had catastrophic failure you can still slow a car using the hand brake instead of blasting the horn and changing down gears.
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MM03 UGG 2015-11-04 00:14:36

I suspect his brakes might have failed. Brake lights were on, but he didn't look to be slowing down.
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MM03 UGG 2015-11-06 18:28:35

I would concur. Brake lights on the whole time. Using the left filter lane as an escape lane and then the inevitable. I also have an MG ZR (04 plate) and it sounded to me like it was his horn warning others ahead. He looks pretty shook up and goes straight for his toddler.
Shamus, how do you know he was speeding? Also, it is not illegal to cross chevrons if they are bordered by broken lines. Obviously, if this was driver behaviour then I would be as disgusted as you.
Glad to see they appeared OK apart from some shock.
Interesting how two people can observe the same clip and have such different interpretations. We don't know what actually happened but it shows that it is wise not to jump to conclusions.
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MM03 UGG 2015-11-01 14:46:14

Young kiddy in the car too, what a pillock driving like that. At least no one seemed to be harmed.
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MM03 UGG 2015-11-01 17:29:40

How many offenses did anyone else spot. I have, speeding, driving on chevrons, undue care and attention, driving through red traffic lights, dangerous driving and being thick, selfish and cannot drive properly, I feel sorry for his family.
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MM03 UGG 2015-11-01 11:17:56

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