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NA62 BNK 2018-05-26 13:11:29

This ignorant bitch just decided to pull out in front of another oncoming car (she should have given way) when the driver sounded his horn at her she yelled at my car instead

Sadly for her i had a dash cam on board

So here you go foul mouthed bitch FAME!

Oh yeah next time don't get your children to stick their fingers up to passing cars

We all know where they learnt that, Dont we
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NK65 LXN 2018-05-24 16:04:08

It's amazing nobody was killed by this truck driver

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NJ17 VXG 2018-05-23 15:05:51

Nissan ignoring red light
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N996 UDU 2018-05-27 15:18:22

Drives like a fucking bellend. That is all.
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NV64 LNH 2018-05-19 19:34:53

Stinking drug using taxi driver working for the cheapest and nasty firm called BUDGET TAXIS

This cab has NO MOT so i guess his insurance is void so why is he still on the road nevermind taking customers into his so called taxi

On this picture he is parked in a bus lane, one solid yellow line as well as on the pavement

3 strikes surely!

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