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NK17 ZWL 2017-04-27 21:14:45

Published on 27 Apr 2017

Destination: ALDI
Area: Ponteland Road
City: Newcastle Upon Tyne
Date: 27th April 2017
Time: 18:02 pm

Transporter Shuttle NK17ZWL - information

This 2017 Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle T30 BlueMotion S SWB on numberplate NK17 ZWL was first registered on Wednesday 1st of March 2017 near Newcastle upon Tyne.

Offence: Failure to comply with road sign
TS70 Undefined failure to comply with a traffic direction sign 3pts

Other Offence: Road Rage/Enraged Driving
DD90 Furious driving 3 to 9pts

Other offences could be considered if police consider charging the driver

Statement: Whilst driving into car park at Aldi, Ponteland Road, Newcastle upon tyne

Driver of NK17 ZWL Attempted to exit an ENTRY ONLY road sign and became verbally abusive to other drivers that had advised the driver that he should not be using this entrance as an exit

The driver then became quite offensive towards me and and my wife and told us to F**K OFF and looked quite angry

We became quite concerned as the driver was becoming more aggressive as his wife seemed to be upset with the male driver and we also noticed they had a small child in the rear of this vehicle

They eventually left the car park exiting the ENTRY ONLY road marking

If you are not sure as to what offence you may have committed then please go check out the list of penalty points endorsments set down by

Penalty points (endorsements)

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NA65 KCF 2017-04-24 19:37:14

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NK17 ZWL 2017-04-28 09:11:50

Ignore James the local pathetic troll, Yes he is correct it is a private car park but IF! and i use that word if the owner of that car park recieves a complaint from a member of the public and they check their cctv then that owner can report the incident to police of which then the police have the power to arrest and charge James! so get your fact right will you buddy

Now if the police wish to act they would normally give the driver a good telling off BUT! the road this driver came onto was actually a public road which is where the camera car was coming from James! which means that the other driver was entering a public road which then comes under the road or highways act of whichever you like to call it

Now i have watched this video just like you James! and i can see where you are coming from but if you look deeper into the offence then maybe you will understand James!

Look at the othe motors as the drivers are also annoyed at this offender and yet you fail to say anything about them on this comment WHY! is that James! is it because the camera car may have been the only one that actually had a dashcam and caught the culprit and this is why you pick out this one individual perhaps

Or maybe you have a dislike for anyone that has a camera in their motor as they catch drivers out when they commit a road offence

No matter what you think of the camera car the other driver has committed a road offence do you AGREE or DISAGREE as if you were to disagree then that only tells us all that you think that the law is wrong and everyone should continue to commit road offences and to hell with the safety of others CORRECT James!

Maybe you have a personal dislike for genuine and caring drivers and maybe you have been caught in the act of committing a road offence in the past and you were caught on dashcam and thats why your comments are always negative towards all drivers that carry dashcams

Either way James! you my friend only make yourself look more and more stupid on this website and no doubt you will return with yet another trolls name and agree with your own comment and give it a thumbs up

I really feel sorry for you James! as we all now know what you are and what your feelings are towards every decent drivers video evidence

James! if i could make a suggestion my friend.. GET A LIFE! buddy and please let it go
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NG12 UOH 2017-04-27 22:43:00

I almost had a serious accident due this irresponsible bitch! Came flying out of a junction onto a busy road, if I hadn't braked heavily both of our vehicles would have been written off. Just a stupid little girl presumably in a car paid for by Daddy; shame he didn't bother buying her driving lessons instead.
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NH04 VTY 2017-04-20 17:34:48

Look before pulling out on a roundabout, and get an MOT!
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