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OCZ 8610 2017-08-10 19:58:43

i could smell the booze on you today at work and i know you are on the shit so clean up or i will tell the gaffer and the law and you will get the sack and if you think this is a wind up here is your initials LC
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OCZ 8160 2017-08-08 18:20:47

Whoever you are i am reporting you to the police for drink driving you pathetic fool. How the hell you are behind the wheel is beyond me. I am the mother with that small child you nearly run over this morning and you continued into the council yard. Even when i entered from the other gates you did not even aknowledge me and even attemted to say sorry. You were 3ft away from me and i could smell the alcohol on your breath. People lioke you disgust me and i will also complain to your employer. As i simply walked away from that council depo as i was not going towaste my time even trying to talk to you as you seemed somewhat out of it. I spoke to another employee outside the building and he informed me that you are always drinking and you also use drugs. Well you may have got away with it till now but now you will stop once the police come knocking at your door
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OCZ 8653 2016-07-23 01:16:47

Lovely driver, drives like a dream
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OCZ 8610 2017-09-20 17:34:13

When i catch up with you smackhead i will honestly make sure that you go on the sick forever
Stay away from my daughter and her friend at the sacred hearts girl school in newcastle you hear me you fucking perverted little cunt
I will be reporting you to the school head as well as your employer and the police
My daughter says that you look out of it and you like to chat to the other schoolgirls in your council wagon
Do you get off talking to little girls do you
I will spread the word around the school to the other parents
weird how you like to clean that area during school times
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OCZ 8610 2017-09-18 09:24:50

Well i am not suprised to have to seen this driver on this website as to what had happened on my way to work today

As i was driving to my place of work i was becoming quite aware of this car that was travelling behind me at speed

I slowed down to let him pass me as too old to have any confrontations and all that stuff

Then i noticed how his driving was all over the place as if he was drunk or something

I usually have my dashcam on record but with it being in the early hours and i was on my way to work i very raely use it unless i'm going to be driving for quite a while

When i approached a junction as this guy was waiting to go into a local council yard he stared over to me as if he was pissed off at me and i did nothing

I noticed the very dark shades under his eyes usually that of someone on drugs or perhaps of someone with ill health

He looked in his late 30s with black hair and a dark complexion

He then opened his window and asked what the f**k was i looking at so i wound down my window and asked what did he just say, He repeated "what the fuck are you looking at" i just wound my window back up and drove off

There was a disgusting smell coming from inside his vehicle or it may have been his breath but whatever it was it made me think that perhaps this guy was on drugs as his eyes we're all over the place

I would have phoned the police but to be honest by the time they would have got there this guy would have sobered up and i would have looked like the fool

So i decided to post it on this cool website of which i love by the way as to also warn people of this drug fuelled enraged driver, So please be careful
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