Registration plate R967WJW
Red Nissan Micra, manufactured in 1997, first registered on 1 August 1997. Cylinder capacity: 998cc.
As of 2 February 2016 this vehicle had done 91,920 miles. Current estimated odometer reading: 100,400 miles.
✗ No MOT Expired: 1 February 2017

MOT history

Test dateExpiry dateResultOdometer reading
2016-02-022017-02-01 Pass91,920
  • offside rear Body has slight corrosion bottom sill (6.1.B.2)
2015-12-15- Fail91,865
  • nearside mirror damaged
2014-12-152015-12-14 Pass88,126
  • Offside Rear Suspension component mounting prescribed area repaired, but not inappropriately (2.4.A.3)
  • Nearside Rear Suspension component mounting prescribed area repaired, but not inappropriately (2.4.A.3)
2014-12-15- Fail88,125
2012-03-312013-03-30 Pass86,394
  • coil spring corroded (2.4.C.1b)
2012-03-29- Fail86,394
  • coil spring corroded (2.4.C.1b)
2011-03-222012-03-21 Pass83,091
  • Nearside Rear Brake pipe slightly corroded (3.6.B.2c)
  • Offside Rear Brake pipe slightly corroded (3.6.B.2c)
  • Offside Front Tyre worn close to the legal limit (4.1.E.1)
  • Nearside Front coil spring corroded (2.4.C.1b)
  • Offside Front coil spring corroded (2.4.C.1b)
  • Nearside Rear coil spring corroded (2.4.C.1b)
  • Offside Rear coil spring corroded (2.4.C.1b)
2010-03-112011-03-17 Pass78,300
2010-03-09- Fail78,298
2009-03-182010-03-17 Pass74,906
  • Offside Seat belt anchorage prescribed area is corroded but not considered excessive (5.2.6)
  • Rear Exhaust has part of the system slightly deteriorated (7.1.1a)
2009-03-17- Fail74,906
  • Offside Seat belt anchorage prescribed area is corroded but not considered excessive (5.2.6)
  • Rear Exhaust has part of the system slightly deteriorated (7.1.1a)
2008-03-142009-03-13 Pass70,065
2008-03-12- Fail70,065
  • Front Brake pad(s) wearing thin (3.5.1g)
2007-01-152008-01-14 Pass64,463
  • Exhaust has part of the system slightly deteriorated (7.1.1a)

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R967 WJW 2016-07-27 01:25:19

Something fishy ere lads. That Micra's neither taxed nor insured. And as has been pointed out there's no way the driver found the post so quick. Seems like someone's talking shit on the Internet. So, I was wrong, not fishy, pretty standard. Although if 'kalvin' is real he ought ta insure his shit!
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R967 WJW 2016-07-20 23:39:50

I believe this complete hoopty of a vehicle belongs to one of the local 'drift' idiots, as I have seen the same gentleman driving (I use the term 'driving' loosely here - more like hammering the cunt at full pelt on public roads) a Nissan Silvia reg S15FKU (no, really, he literally paid for that plate- its illegally spaced 'S15 FK U', as well).

Anyway, my story begins at around 1am, driving home from my night shift. Up ahead, I see a car sitting stationary in the middle of the road (this is an industrial estate late at night, so this bit is almost forgivable). The first thing that strikes me, is that it's a Micra. Clearly this kid has some kind of 90s Nissan fetish, The second thing that strikes me is how low to the ground it is. I mean, the chassis must've been resting on the floor it was that low.

Anyway, I flash the moron to move, as I'm trying to get home and he's blocking my path. To this, said moron starts his vehicle and bounces it off the rev limiter, before peeling off at the fastest possible speed the 1 litre powerhouse can propel him at. His car is at this point throwing sparks from underneath, which I imagine is the frame rails scraping the floor. Needless to say I made a note of the plate and informed the local police.

I still often see this wee cunt sliding his various pieces of shit about like he's Colin McRae on cocaine. Clearly the local fuzz aren't a deterrent, so I decided to give him a talking to myself.

He frequents a car park every night at about 1am with his stupid long-haired virgin mates in their 'stanced' E36s and MX5s, so I approached them and insisted they move or I would phone the police.

The cocky bastard's response: 'Eat my shit you old dickbag, the cops drive fucking Protons mate, I have 400 brake. Good luck finding a cop who can pull me' and then muttered 'dickhead' as he got back in his car and continued to melt his rear tyres in a way only a parent-subsidized spoilt little shit feels comfortable doing.

If I could kill one man, it'd be the lanky speccy arrogant twat who degrades the name of Nissan owners everywhere and routinely ruins my drive home from work.
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R967 WJW 2016-07-21 05:31:45

Such as someone finished his night shift at 1 am , then writing this post then the subject of the post finding it within 6 minutes and being able to reply .

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R967 WJW 2016-07-20 23:45:55

drift idiot here
one this old fuck's a lying bastard, i want even in the car when he was driving by i was outside taking photos, he flashed me so i moved like he wanted
basically i drift in empty car parks late at night so i dont bug anyone but this fucker goes out of his way to cause an issue every time he sees me, he threatened to bang me out once as ell just cos i said he looks like a smily face drawn on a ballbag
oh and i earn my own money cunt, i actualy paid attention in school so i dont have to clean nuts of the floor of the factorys in the middle of the night to scrape together enough money for my payments on a 2012 chevy fucking spark
what a dickhead man
also i want my plate number takin off this site
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