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NG62 XRE 2020-03-01 01:17:22

It's 1am. There are next to no cars on the road, and yet you decide to do a U Turn in front of the only fucking cars on the road. Proper knobhead
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NG05 YNM 2020-02-11 09:13:56

Last night i was on the A69 Hexham bound, I was behind a green toyota rav and could see that this guy was on his mobile phone, as i approached the roundabout ahead i could see that a grey motor was slightly swerving towards this green toyota but never entered the green cars lane

i could actually see the driver of the grey car put his hand up to say sorry and i thought that was it, as the grey car went over the roundabout as the green car was indicating to turn left onto the A1 still with his mobile in his hand the grey car went over to the inside lane heading in the same direction as myself the A69

Then the green motor decided that he now wanted to join the A69 and blasted his horn at the grey car of looked amazed to say the least that this motor was behind him sounding his horn and hitting him with his main beam

Then the green motor went on the outside of the grey car cutting across 3 lanes of traffic to do so and started to swerve towards the grey car as to force him off the road

The grey car decided to up his speed as to get away from him and there was a bus pulling out in front of him so he decided to avoid the bus and went on the outside lane even giving the green car with ample distance

This pissed off the green car driver and i could see that he kept his main beam lights on behind the grey car nearly all of the way

This must have been blinding for the grey car driver as i know how bad it can be as i'm on the road 24/7

The grey car tapped his brakes as to tell the green car to turn off his main beam as well as giving him more distance at this point the green motor was very close to the grey car that i knew there was going to be an accident

It worked as the green car slightly pulled back but not for long as we joined the A69 the driver of the green motor wouldn't let it go as he attempted to get on the outside of the grey car who was now on the inside lane

The grey motor could see that this driver had road rage and decided to put his foot down as to get away from this green motor but again the green car was flashing his headlights at the grey car and to be honest i still don't know how the grey car driver was managing to stay on the road as he must have been blinded by this idiots actions

I could see the green motor driver waving his arms all over as to threaten the other driver and then made a gun gesture to his head thats when i decided to stay behind them on the outside lane

As we were now near Throckley turn off i could see that the green motor indicated to take that turn off yet still blasting his horn and headlights at the grey car

I decided to stay behind the green car as i was going to phone the police and tell them what i had just witnessed but then i watched the green car getting angry due to his driving and was going over the 30mph limit through throckley

I came this far so i just followed him and i ended back up in Newcastle and as we entered a small roundabout i watched the green car driver get out of his motor and went to a house as this was what i was wanting to do as i could pass this information onto police

A few minutes later a few teenagers were outside of this guys car and one of them was giving what looked like round objects by this driver

I decided that i should now leave as i thought that this guy spotted me and maybe his angry attention was now being aimed at me

I do not know what became of this but i will keep reading and watching the news as well as social media and if anything bad comes of this then i will contact police and give them a statement as well as the footage from my dashcam

"Message to grey car driver, i will be your witness if needing be as i have your reg"

"Message to green motor driver, you need help my friend as for that anger and for also putting your child at risk",-1.6958032,3a,75y,306.09h,100.71t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sqDy_QuOQkUFcmzXGZ7nd2A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
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NG17 VPT 2020-02-08 00:42:04

Nailed it!

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NG12 SSX 2020-02-05 19:11:36

That wasn't very clever was it!
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NG13 AZO 2020-02-12 10:03:46

Feltham - supposed to merge in turn. Opened his window and shouted aggressively then punched my car. Nice "man".
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