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OY10 KJB 2019-11-16 14:38:42

Lauren was driving to visit a friend, when an UNMARKED police car pulled up behind her and put its lights on. Lauren's parents and have always told her never to pull over for an unmarked car, but rather wait until she got to a service station, etc. Lauren remembered her parents' advice, and telephoned 112.

This connected her to the police dispatcher, she told the dispatcher that there was an unmarked car behind her. The dispatcher checked to see if there was a police car where she was and there wasn't and he told her to keep driving, remain calm and that he had back-up already on the way. Soon 4 police cars surrounded her and the 'unmarked car'.

They pulled the guy from the car...the man was from Ballysally. 🤭

I never knew that bit of advice, but especially for a woman alone in a car, you do not have to pull over for an UNMARKED car.
Apparently police have to respect your right to keep going to a 'safe' place.
You obviously need to make some signals that you acknowledge them, ie. put on your hazard lights or call 112.

So now it's your turn to let your friends know about 112 (112 is an emergency number on your mobile that takes you straight to the police because 999 does not work if you have no signal).
This is good information that I did not know!

Please pass on to all your friends, especially any females
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GU67 CUK 2019-11-15 16:19:59

So why would you go to all that bother of fitting a bike rack, and then not changing the number plate over?

I even heard a guy, who I know to be a local traffic officer, tell her to change her numberplates, and that's what alerted me to it, so thought why not - first post on here after years of lurking...

So what is this car? GU67 CUK or AV12 WNM
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LC55 CWU 2019-11-20 14:55:03

Sick scumbag sex attacker, Joseph McCann seen here in his Ford Mondeo.

Attacked and raped a family of 3. A mother, her 11 year old son and 17 year old daughter.
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GN07 FPL 2019-11-14 20:26:15

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LV10 PFG 2019-11-21 13:18:06

I have a broken window on your car 😉
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