Registration plate LB12TXF
Official local mnemonic: London
Postal area: Wimbledon
Issued: between march 2012 and august 2012
Black Vauxhall Vivaro 2900 sportive cdti lwb, manufactured in 2012, first registered on 1 July 2012. Cylinder capacity: 1995cc, CO2 emissions: 210 g/km.
As of 12 July 2017 this vehicle had done 60,728 miles. Current estimated odometer reading: 73,200 miles.
✗ Untaxed Tax due: 1 July 2019
✗ No MOT Expired: 27 July 2018

MOT history

Test dateExpiry dateResultOdometer reading
2017-07-122018-07-27 Pass60,728
2017-07-12- Fail60,728
2016-07-262017-07-27 Pass58,001
  • offside rear Direction indicator slightly discoloured (1.4.A.2f)
2015-07-252016-07-27 Pass50,480
  • Nearside Front Tyre worn close to the legal limit (4.1.E.1)

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LB12 TXF 2017-02-22 19:48:44

Cyclist is a cunt
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LB12 TXF 2017-02-22 19:30:50

The van driver is an idiot and wanted a confrontation. All the people that think the cyclist should watch his language have never heard of a adrenaline. How would you react if someone deliberately swung 2 tonnes of metal at you?
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LB12 TXF 2015-07-01 22:49:05

This cyclist has a serious aggressive problem! Calls someone else after almost mowing down 2 people returning/leaving their vehicles. Puts themselves at risk by squeezing down the inside of the waiting vehicles then has the cheek to foul mouth a guy for, in their opinion, passing too close. Typical arrogant cyclist that knows all the rules of the road!
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LB12 TXF 2017-02-22 20:33:42

Quote Who Knows: "Puts themselves at risk by squeezing down the inside of the waiting vehicles"

It's called filtering, which is perfectly legal in the UK. Filtering can be done on the left or right of waiting or slow-moving vehicles. Not always advisable, however. One has to weigh up the risk, both to oneself and others.

As shown, the cyclist correctly filtered towards the ASL without issue. The motorcyclist also appeared to have filtered towards the front, on the right (but not in the ASL).

When the lights change the van is clearly way too close to be over-taking safely (minimum 1 meter or 1.5 meters if great than 20 mph). All this whilst driving through a boxed junction.

Cyclist then remonstrates with the driver as they meet at the next set of lights. Driver asks why can't you stay on the side of the road and let me pass you? Because it's incredibly dangerous and because the responsibility is on the driver to pass safely; not on the cyclist to put themselves in extreme danger and encourage close, illegal, passing just because the driver wants to get past. This irrespective of the driving asking if they hit you.

At this point I felt the cyclist had a good case in point. However by coming out with the "fucking idiot"..that to me is wrong. Completely wrong. I realise the threat posed by the van but I do not see any justification to act like that. And if the cyclist wants some kind of redress the police could, in my opinion, say he blew it by being verbally aggressive. Furthermore the moment you each a point whereby you're just name-calling, the situation turns into something completely different especially when guys and egos are concerned. You saw that towards the end..logic goes out the window and it's a battle of territory, of wits and of might and we are all prone to it especially when as mentioned the adrenaline is high.

I don't think it was a particularly pleasant experience for the passengers, either.

If anyone is wondering, I cycle. I get these situations all the time and none of them are helped by the fact our roads are some of if not the most crowded in Europe, and the powers that be have such a lax attitude towards transport in general, especially alternative modes of transport. So things are difficult from the start, difficult for everyone regardless of their mode of transport. If someone is nasty and obnoxious to you then it's different but I think this could have simply ended much earlier on, with a difference of opinion. It's not nice for those kids to literally be in the middle of this and I think both the cyclist and driver could have dealt with it better. For what it's worth thanks for reading.
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LB12 TXF 2015-08-20 23:49:16

Here’s how I see it. The cyclist initially filtered into the ASL - all perfectly legal. When the lights changed the driver appeared to then over-take the cyclist across a narrow, boxed junction area with oncoming traffic – a dangerous manoeuvre.

At the second set of lights the cyclist did a risky filter, as the lights were going green and the lead vehicle was moving and the cyclist was in their blind spot. Better to plan ahead.

When approached over the pass, the driver's lamented "why can't you stay on the side of the road". Cyclists can ride primary; indeed, they are actively encouraged to do so in situations like this.

Upto this point I think the cyclist had a point. However, they then resorted to swearing and name-calling, including in front of two minors. Totally unnecessary... The moment you act like this you quickly start to lose whatever point you're making, as the recipient will more than likely take offence and not focus on what they may or may not have done wrong, or they may not even focus on their driving at the time. You saw the result: it escalated the situation and it then became a tit-for-tat argument based on trading insult. And it’s much easier to get into a fight than it is to get out of one, and over what? Words..

Driver, cyclists, it makes no difference. Try to remain calm and get your point across however hard it may seem. Only if someone goes out of their way to harm you should you explode. Acting like this can also be used against you in a court.

So yeah, the cyclist had a point, but they completely nullified it by resorting swearing at a guy in front of two kids. Each of us has our own opinions and this is merely mine. I’ve had people throw things at me on a bike and try to kill me, but much of what you see here is down to a lack of education and awareness – the road system in this country is much to blame because it was never designed for cars, let alone bikes. The system is a mess and it needs overhauling if we are ever to evolve beyond the point of a bunch of warring factions, all fighting over some crappy piece of ever-shrinking tarmac. I’ll shut face now.
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LB12 TXF 2015-06-15 04:04:21

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