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PN58 OVY 2018-11-13 13:36:36

Driving along towards Balby down Tickhill road in Doncaster
when the driver took my breaking distance away bullying his way in. after he got out I drove round him where he was tail gating me for about a mile the flagged me off as I moved in to the lane I needed only to see him to same to another driver at race course round about
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PN51 YZK 2018-11-07 00:55:34

I was cycling between visits for work, I signalled to turn right, as I began to turn right (after signalling) this guy went to overtake me dangerously close. I tapped his window to let him know he was drifting in too soon and drifting into me. He then swings into me as he slams on the brakes and gets out being particularly threatening.

I usually I feel a bit more secure with the cameras, but I honestly thought he was going to hit me before I'd even considered mentioning them.

He received a caution from South Yorkshire Police, I'm okay with this.
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PN15 MPU 2018-11-07 16:54:14

another twat with no brakes
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PN62 MMO 2018-10-22 01:47:22

Finally getting through the holiday footage!

Boy I have been looking forward to this one!

So to set the scene, we are on a single track lane in the middle of the moors in the Lake District. This is one of those roads that has passing places about every half a mile!

So here we are in our 1.4 Peugeot that is just about doing a job for us on the steep inclines when another case of small cock syndrome approaches us from behind. Now assuming this guy is local by the way he seemed to know the road, he would have known that there was nowhere for us to pull over at the time he began his regime to get us out of the way!

Now, under normal circumstances, at the first point where I could have pulled in, I would have. But to be tailgated along with his hand gestures and use of his horn, I decided that he could stay behind me for the duration that we were on the same road together!

See Mr nob head, if you thought for 1 second that your big car would intimidate me, you got it soooo very wrong...

This is why, instead of having to put up with us for a few hundred feet to the first passing place, you actually had to put up with us for 7 loooog miles! Yes, all them hills that our car struggled to get up at 15mph whilst you were at boiling point would not have happened if you just behaved behind the wheel like a nice little man!

Me and the missus had a great laugh at your expense!

Thanks ;-)
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PN62 KMK 2018-10-28 16:14:23

Hit and run drunk driver.
White Audi A3 PN62 KMK.
Drove into the back of my car at some speed at the top of new mill lane at the junction across from white gates pub, pushed me into the middle of the road and then drove off leaving me in the middle of the road and my car smashed up.
Then had the audacity to drive past twice staring and laughing after the accident and not even stop.
I have 5 witness who looked after me!
If anyone knows who this please let them know this is a police matter now so any more information welcomed!
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