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PE52 CFZ 2019-04-23 17:09:48

Such a wide vehicle obvisously needs two spaces not only for itself but for the massively inflated ego of its driver to be able to fit out
Southport Tesco
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PL17 NNC 2019-04-24 19:44:53

Lorry driver failed to look for cyclist when starting to turn into Southwark Bridge Road but then he noticed, braked momentarily, and then continued anyway leaving cyclist to brake abruptly. 18th April 8.50am.
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P31 CHP 2019-04-24 08:24:58

Wanted to turn right at the A11 Thickthorn roundabout after coming off the A47 westbound. Tries to go around the outside of the roundabout to get ahead of other cars turning right and almost collides with a vehicle using the roundabout correctly trying to come off it to go on the A47. He had to emergency break and the other car had to swerve and almost ended up off the road. Dangerous driving all to save 10 seconds - When on the dual carriageway would have had plenty of opportunity to make progress.
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PO10 OCK 2019-04-22 20:47:44

14:00 on 22/04/19
A load of Pollocks
ACTROS 2551LS 2018
Haulage Vehicle
M6 J31/A59
This vehicle was waiting first in the left lane for the A59 and I passed him waiting in the fast lane. When lights had changed I got passed and moved over doing 50 towards Samlesbury (50 zone) but PO10OCK overtook doing about 60 and hogged the right lane all the way. He didn’t seem to like being passed and so had to wrongdo in order to prove himself like what drivers with perverted minds do as well as block the road for others.
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PK15 TAN 2019-04-22 10:23:59

Bright green BMW M4 spotted around the Bradford area. You can probably guess what the plate says.

But surely if you love Pakistan so much you’d go and live there? Why rub this in our faces when the world knows that country is a failed state, a safe haven for terrorists like Osama.

It’s like driving around in a blue car with “Russia” as the reg.
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