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YG60 RRO 2019-01-16 00:27:55

2010 60 plate


Vauxhall insignia diesel


Electric windows

Remote c locking

Air con

Climate control

CD player

On board computer

Steering controls

Alloy wheels

5 door


Bad bits

Crack in windscreen

Air bag light on

Starts and drives fine

We offer no warranty sold as spares or repairs

Any inspection/test drive welcome

Collection clacton on sea

Trade cars 2 U


Central Locking; Side Airbags; Immobiliser; Electronic Stability Program (ESP); Passenger Airbag; CD Player; Alarm; Safety Belt Pretensioners; Xenon headlights; Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS); Electric Windows; Cruise Control; AM/FM Stereo; Driver Airbag; Electric Adjustable Seats; Climate Control; Navigation System; Alloy Wheels
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YG14 XTW 2019-01-09 14:47:17

This driver was approaching the pavement as I was walking. The driver then went on the the pavement and shouted “move” I looked at the driver as said “what for? you shouldn’t be driving on the pavement anyway” the drive then immediately got aggressive and said “I’m going to knock you the fuck out you little cunt” and I had replied “oh for walking?” And he proceeded to get off his bike and approach me. The driver kept of making death and racial threats towards me and I had then diffused the situation by walking off seeing that obviously this small minded cunt wouldn’t seem to understand that he is in the wrong and I was doing nothing but walking.
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YG08 ZGM 2019-01-06 02:10:48

Please please slow down for horses.
I have reported this driver to the police and the British Horse Society as he has very nearly caused an accident by speeding past horses while beeping and getting far too close to them. We live in a rural village where children play on the streets and people ride their horses for access to woodland.
This driver is so inconsiderate and seems to be making the same driving mistakes over and over again. Please slow down, be considerate and note that horses have a right to be on the road. The children hacking the horses were very scared by a large elderly man repeatedly bearing down on them in a large range rover. This is ridiculous behavior and there is no excuse for scaring children and horses.
Thankfully the police say they have had several similar reports and both the police and BHS are looking into this
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YG08 YTO 2019-01-05 16:55:39

This born again idiot decided to just pull out and too hell with everyone else, Then the idiot had the cheek to call me a wanker, I hope he enjoys his new fame on the internet

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YG12 NTT 2018-12-29 03:19:11

A nonce from Loughborough was caught using this car to travel 50 miles to Rotherham to meet two 13 year old girls for sexual purposes.

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