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YH57 ZDE 2020-11-18 21:10:10

Charged by Police for driving without due care and attention.

Another pointless overtake by a an impatient driver.

Dodgy number plates, both main brake lights out and an overtake close to a junction unaware of pedestrians crossing.

Hope he feels it was worth it when he was hit in the pocket.
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YS18 ZYD 2020-11-23 21:03:48

This prat proceeds to drive around thinking she’s lewis Hamilton and nearly crashes into me, cutting in and out of lanes thinking she’s sick cause she was scranning maccies with a young lad in the passenger, pipe down little girl just cause daddy pays for your 1ltr seat!!! She starts giving me wanker signs as if it was my fault and then the silly bitch starts to break test me, also threw half a Big Mac at my car! if you was gonna be that much of a prick daddy should have bought you a corsa you gimpppp!!!! The only chair she should be sitting in is a high chair! You should not be driving!
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YB65 XFM 2020-11-20 09:58:18

Speeder and outer lane hogger on Freckleton bypass determined to barge his way in front as much as possible which he did with speed where two lanes merge just before Tesco.
Why are VW Golf drivers so selfish? I’ve seen various comments but also witnessed it - like this. Could it be a combination of small persons syndrome (little car) in a position of power (strong car) abusing their powers fir greed and to compensate for feelings of inferiority like bully managers are. Could this driver be a bully manager?
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YC70 GFJ 2020-11-19 17:10:21

NOB of the week, parking on the yellow zigzag lines outside of a school, maybe he didn't see the sign right next to his car??
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YC70 HFM 2020-11-16 22:45:02

This black BMW X3 was only registered one month ago, and already they are driving like an absolute maniac.

High speed undertake of me and blaring the horn, while I was doing 30 in a 30 zone, with my left indicator on, in moderate rain and poor visibility. This happened maybe 50 yards from the junction where we both joined the road in question. The BMW sped off at 55-60mph, still in a 30 zone.

This was as pointless as it was reckless, as we both had to wait at the next set of lights.

Princess Road/A5103 Southbound, immediately after junction with A57(M). Manchester. 16/11/2020 21:11
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